LindanewHello, and welcome to my website!

I’m a wife, mother, grandma, writer, and musician. I’ve written a lot of short stories for kids and have been a staff accompanist at a music conservatory. I love to read, cook, watch movies and go for walks with my husband. Theology fascinates me, as does learning to integrate what I believe with how I live. I’ll drop almost anything I’m doing in order to spend time with my grandsons.

I’m a Christian, one who’s experienced God’s amazing grace through Jesus Christ, and I’m learning more each day about how to gratefully and obediently live as His child and follower.

“To Speak of Many Things” reflects the fact that the world is a fascinating place with endless topics, and I want to talk about them here. ¬†Please stop by often to see what’s new. If you like what you read, share with other readers. I welcome your comments!