We Are Full

mantelpumpkins.jpgThis is a challenging post to write. Who’s reading on Thanksgiving Day? If you read it a couple days after Thanksgiving, will it seem like a slightly stale leftover? And what can I say about Thanksgiving that’s new?

But it occurs to me that instead of rushing headlong into Christmas, it would be good to take a moment to consider a few things. So here’s a prayer for the end of Thanksgiving Day:

Lord, we are full.
Full of turkey and potatoes and gravy
Full of cranberries and pie and whipped cream
A reminder that we have so much, indeed, more than we need.

We’re also full of laughter
Full of the joy of sharing this meal with people we love
Full of the wonder of being loved in return.

But another kind of fullness is poised to steal our contentment.
We’re about to be full of activity
Full of concerns about shopping and decorating
Full of pressure to keep up with the scrawls on our calendars
Full of anxiety.

We know better.
We know that this coming season is meant
for us to be full of you
To be filled with gratitude that you came to us
To be comforted with your love
To be seized with the desire to give as you’ve given to us.

In this moment
Between storing the leftovers
And starting on the to-do lists
ThanksgivingBeach.jpgLet us see you clearly.
Jesus, Emmanuel
The God of the universe
who came to live with us
Full of grace and truth
Destined to rescue us from our sinful attempts
To be full of ourselves.

Fill us up, Lord
With wisdom, discipline, joy.
But most of all, please fill us with yourself.
Fill us with more understanding than we’ve ever had
Of what it means to be yours
What it means to be light as you are the light.

Make us truly full.

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