It’s January.
New calendars (mine is beachy)
New plans
New diet (ugh)
New courage for what lies ahead.

But somewhere around mid-month
the truth is glaring.
I’m the same old me.
Same failures
Same fears
Same battles.
My heart shrinks.
I am not enough.

And then I realize
the real problem.
All my attempts to do better
to be better
are filled up with me.

What I desperately need is more of Jesus.
New heart
New motives
New vision.

Not so I can glory in the new me
but in him who is making all things new
(including me)
until the entire creation
bows to his majesty and gives him honor.

He’s all about new
and not just in January.

New mercies, a fresh start, every morning.
Changing me day by day.
When I stumble over the rocks
of my selfishness
he reaches out to pull me back
return me to the path
if I will only take his hand.

It’s January.
Eternal God
Blessed Redeemer
Shepherd of my soul
making me new.

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